Thoughts on OmniFocus

I divide all tasks into 2 general areas: Family and Work (to reflect my priorities, I put family first). Because of my unusual circumstances, there are a lot of grey areas where my work and personal matters are intertwined. This largely simplified structure will give me many advantages:

  1. It will create less ambiguity when deciding which category an action belongs too. For example: a decision regarding the rental of a property, should it belong to “Family”, because the property is part of the family assets, or should it belong to “Work”?

  2. Easier to subdivide any of these two general category into different aspects. Because of these two categories are so broadly defined, it give me more degrees of freedom to define related aspects. I simple use single-action projects to achieve it. To demonstrate, I have two single-action projects named “SA Home” (contains tasks such as “Confirm delivery”)and “SA Personal” (contains tasks such as “Have a cigar with friends at the age of 60”).

  3. I create many other single-action projects such “Shopping”, but without “SA”prefix to signify they are further subdivisions.

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